Terms & Conditions

  • Ukraine E-Visa is issued by ministry of foreign affairs in Ukraine based on their own judgment and decision , and only they determine to issue or to refuse any e-visa though refusal is rare specially when documents are well applied. all documents you send to us via our online website are considered accurate and true and only you bear responsibility if they are false. if you supply false documents , you will be fully and legally liable for and you will bear any legal/financial sequences whatsoever. we are an office providing services to apply on your behalf based on the documents we receive from you which deemed accurate and you testify as such. we have no interference, authority, influence on the approval of the e-visa which solely decided by Ukraine's ministry of foreign affairs. any fees you pay are non-refundable in part or fully under any circumstances whether your e-visa is issued or refused. should legal issue arises , either solved by mutual consent or resorting to judicial system in Saudi Arabia ( where our office license is issued ). Visa-Ukraine.com is the domain owned and operated by Tourist Services Bureau, License No. 1010376505, Saudi Arabia. Tourist Services Bureau has no affiliation and does not represent Ukraine's ministry of foreign affairs.